Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Jennifer Alsever

Featured Author
Jennifer Alsever
Pen name
Jennifer Alsever

What is your genre?
Young Adult

Tell us about yourself.
I've spent two decades working as a journalist, writing serious news for such publications as Fortune Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. More recently, I finally let out my inner teenager and let my imagination run wild. The result is the three-book Trinity Forest Series, my first work of fiction. I live near Vail, Colorado, and when I'm not absorbed in writing, I like a good hike, doing some yoga, hanging with my boys, some moguls on skis, a rigorous mountain bike ride or indulging in the simple pleasures of life. My favorites: untouched snow, frozen chocolate chips, savasina on my yoga mat and yes, bowls of pan fried brussels sprouts.

What is the title of your first published work?

What is the title your last published work?

What gives you inspiration to write?
I'd say it's the idea of weaving a story that comes alive in people's minds, of creating characters that are real to me, that act on their own. When I get stuck, the best inspiration is hearing from readers who say they're engaged in my world and the story, and they're looking forward to the next twist in the tale.

What advice would you give an author who is uncertain about their future in the literature world?
I'd say this is the best time to be a writer. There are more opportunities, more resources and more empowerment for authors than ever before. The world is wide open. Just make it happen.

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